For Elastic Modulus and Poisson ratio determination


The AUTOMAX E-Modulus is specifically designed for the determination of Elastic Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio. It is also used for automatic execution of compression, flexure and splitting tests on concrete and cement when connected to a suitable testing frames. The console consists of an ergonomic cabinet which houses the hydraulic system, the electronic boards and the all-in-one PC.

PC and software ensure the remote control of the complete system (frame and console) for automatic E-Modulus test execution: rapid platen approach, zeroing, application of user-defined cycles of load/unload ramps, identification of failure load, verification of conformity to the selected Standard, calculation of results, graphical and numerical management of results.
The console is supplied also with DATAMANAGER software for compression, flexure and splitting tests execution to EN and ASTM.


– E-MODULE software for automatic determination of Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s ratio
– DATAMANAGER software for automatic execution of compression, flexure and indirect tensile tests
– E MODULE software allows user defined test cycles and automatic verification of sample centering
– Test cycle with closed loop digital feedbacks automatically performed by pressing the start button via PC
– Soft platen-to-specimen contact and smooth load rate control from every beginning of the ramp
– Double frame control, expandable to four, with active frame selection via software
– Double stage hydraulic pump with rapid approach and precise oil flow control allowing high throughput of accurate test (up to 40/hour)
– Flow-sharing technology for the execution of loading and unloading cylces
– Adopts the latest ES (Energy Saving) technology for reduction of power consumption and silent operation
– Connects to laboratory network via LAN port/Software
– Automatic software calibration procedure
– Internet remote technical assistance and diagnostic
– Ready to perform automatic tensile test on steel specimens once upgraded with tensile test kit including a suitable testing frame and accessories. Ask our technical department for more details