To help augment his earnings from his job as a technician at the Bureau of Lands (now Lands Management Bureau), the family’s late patriarch, Engr. Cayetano B. Siccion, started to accept surveying instruments for repair in his home in the early 1960’s.

In 1965, Engr. Siccion, with the help of his pharmacist-wife Belen, founded a small cottage-based business – Siccion Surveying Equipment Manufacturing – which was registered under the government’s NACIDA program. This humble enterprise pioneered in the manufacture of surveyors’ steel tapes, umbrellas, wooden tripods, leveling rods and steel range poles in the Philippines.

From the original husband-and-wife operation, the venture grew into a full-staffed organization when it incorporated in 1980 under its present name, Siccion Marketing, Inc. In addition to manufacturing its own surveying instruments, the company later distributed imported brands of surveying, engineering, drafting, hydrological and meteorological instruments and supplies.

Although the firm originally catered to the needs of civil and geodetic engineering practitioners and students, it has since added various items to its product line to service a wider range of market. The ensuing construction boom in the country saw the addition of various materials testing instruments and supplies such as compression machines, UTM’s, test sieves, concrete mixers, cylinder molds and sand cones to serve the construction industry’s needs.

Siccion Marketing’s current product line now includes laboratory ovens, incubators, scientific balances, glassware and other instruments, which are primarily geared for hospital, school and laboratory applications.


To provide superior quality products, services and solutions by applying our corporate values at all levels and to achieve excellence towards the desired Result - Customer Satisfaction


To be the most dependable solutions provider in the fields of surveying, materials testing and construction.

Corporate Core Values

  • • Commitment
  • • Responsibility
  • • Professionalism